A Heart For God

In News by Steve Roe

Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart deviseth his way, But the Lord directeth his steps.


Ah the dreaded “heart”. I have seen many and myself included who have allowed

the “heart” (flesh) to guide and lead me away from where the Lord wanted

me. The heart creates excuses and blame. The heart justifies and validates

our disobedience. When the heart controls the actions many times it takes us

on a winding path to nowhere. Many desire something so bad that they will

completely ignore the Lord and do the very thing they said they wouldn’t do.

Then qualify it by making excuses for the choice and even distancing themselves

from those the Lord may be trying to use in their lives to help them stay on the

God directed path. In my current “journey” of which I’m down to 8 more days-

I have learned it is an everyday struggle to keep the flesh in check. To allow my

emotions and feelings to be controlled by the Spirit not my flesh. Even this week

I have been like GRRRRR wanting to just shake someone and say REALLY? But, it

not my place I have to step back, pray and allow the Lord to do the shaking. And

this has been in 4 different situations that have covered different issues. None of

which really have anything to do directly with me..but do affect “my heart”. You

have to choose to have the Lord direct your steps. Are you allowing Him to lead?

Take a moment look at the path your currently traveling. Is it being lead by God?