Black Friday, Super Saturday and Cyber Monday….What happened to Sunday?

In News by Steve Roe

Mt 7:11 If ye being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children,

how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things

to them that ask him?

People will wait in line for hours. Some even “tent” out a day or so

before black Friday sales. I see on the news every year the chaos that

people will go through to save a few dollars on “stuff” throughout this

past weekend. Yet on Sunday churches all across America have the

greatest offer known to mankind and it’s FREE. Yet, I don’t see lines,

no one “tenting” outside just waiting to get in to take advantage of

this offer. Sadly even I would say we see less in attendance as many

are still shopping for “stuff”. It’s the gift that last forever……His name

is Jesus. Why is it that this “gift” we just take for granted? Why is it

that gift is treated like socks and underware..meaning there is no real

excitement or joy. We just open it and seem to throw it off to the side.

My challenge to you is that for the next 4 weeks –you share your gift of

Salvation with at least 1 person a week. With the same excitement as

when you received your favorite gift and watch what the Lord will do..