In News by Steve Roe

CHANGE-become different. Make different. Put in place of another;

substitute. Take place of. A Change condition. Lack of sameness.


The last few weeks I have had this thought of “Change”. The Bible speaks

of “change” when a person truly “born again” ( 2 Corth 5:17; Acts 3:19; Mk

2:22). Changes isn’t easy. Lifestyle, habits, worldview and attitudes make

this difficult. Many times I believe God tries with His love and mercy to get

out attention by allowing challenges in our lives that makes us reevaluate

our current choices in life. He will many times over and over try to direct

us to make real change that will draw us closer to Him- That will produce

the lasting change we are seeking. But keep in mind we do have an

enemy (1 Pet5:8) and he will do whatever he can to keep us in a state of

“unchanged” which is really doing the same thing yet expecting something

different to happen in our kids, marriages, employment, relationships,

ministries and only to see the same thing happen ..i/e “insanity”. I’m a

big believer in writing down goals and plans. I would challenge you today

to sit down with God write down the needed changes and the ways at

which you see the changes need to be achieved and begin today on those

changes. Remember you have to be consistent. I see a lot of what I call 4

week “wonders” they submit to coming to church about 4 weeks and only

halfhearted and then soon find they are doing the something again……and

hating the results. Ask yourself today WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE?