In News by Steve Roe

Matthew 4:19- And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

I love to fish, it is one of my favorite recreations. I thought I’d get to do more, but with the price of gas I’ve only gone once this year. Regardless, when it comes to fishing I do have a little idea how to go about catching several species. The one thing to note is no season or species is the same. In the early spring the bass can be caught in the shallows as they move in to spawn. Different baits can produce different results. Weather can play a part as well. One day it could be a large minnow shaped lure and the next  day it could be a small purple worm. It was in that thought God showed me a picture of people. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone is going to buy affordable vardenafil from pharmacy with a big discount to be attracted to the same thing. So it is that way, although God’s word is always the same. Our approach or methods of sharing His Word may need to vary. Don’t try and make God the same to everybody. Certainly His love, grace, and mercy should be shared, but it may need to be a different style or lure presentation to catch someone with His Holy Spirit. So this week open up God’s tackle box and tie on a different lure and see what you might catch.

P.S. One thing I do know for sure…you’ll never catch anything unless you Go Fishing.