Lazy = Trouble

In News by Steve Roe

2Thess 3:10-11

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if you would not work, neither should you eat.

For even there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies


OK, I’m tired of hearing about lack of work. Some may really not like this blog. But, there are jobs out there. It may not be the perfect 9-5 weekend and holidays off type of job. But there are jobs. I heard a friend/brother of mine say if he had to he was willing to flip burgers ( and he has a Masters degree) and even now is investing in others on a volunteer basis(which is working for the Lord). Have we become such a lazy people that we’d rather have others take care of us? Since I was 17 I have worked nearly 2 jobs or was in school while working full-time. Even now the Lord has placed me back into an additional working field. I Pastor a church, detail cars, sell pizza box ads and my wife picks up trash. We are nearing our 50’s (we’ll she is in) and guess what? We work! Plus serve in many ministries, and make sure our extended family still has some of our time. I don’t share that as whining or bragging just stating some facts. I believe one of the reasons we see God blessing us is our willingness to work. You know verse 11 really say’s a lot and you can see it in our culture. Those who sit around and complain gossip and are busybodies and many times those who don’t work. They are also many times the ones who reflect that same attitude in serving the Lord. I pray we are a people who will follow the Bible and work.