Letting Go

In News by Steve Roe

Proverbs 3:5- Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto their own understanding.

We’ve all seen it. The little on pulling themselves around the furniture refusing to let go for fear of falling, yet the only way to really walk then run is to let go and move forward. The bike-training wheels are off, dad holds the back, peddle around, all is good. Until you look back and see dad let go and you fall because of fear. How many times in our lives do we fail because we just refuse to let go, let go of self, let go of people, let go of our “blankie”. Those things that we feel we need. But really they are just keeping us from moving ahead. Take an inventory today and see who or what you may be holding on to so much that it is keeping you from truly moving forward in serving God and living in his blessings?

I’ve been doing some reading on “codependency” and see many of the issues people are dealing with seem to be a by-product of being codependent on the wrong people or things. This creates many other connected issues. It causes control issues that become unhealthy and even can blind the best Christian to its devastating effects on their lives. Letting go and trusting God can be a real challenge to those who suffer from this type if issue. This is a spiritual issue that Satan will use to try and keep a Christian for repenting, healing and growing in the Lord. He will create strongholds in your life making your more and more dependent on yourself- creating a twisted world of chaos that you feel comfortable in living. Your life looks like a washer that you can see inside- the clothes all tumbling and twisting with foam and water slushing around keeping this a twirled up confusing mess. You get to a point that is how you feel the most comfortable….Yet, it’s just that twisted, tangled and stirred up life that effects those around you. You hurt those who love you the most and try to help you see the dangers you’re exposing yourself too. Let go today and truly let the Lord lead and guide your life.