Try To Fit

In News by Steve Roe

Ps 116:12 How can I repay the Lord for all the good He has done for me?

I have been burdened the last few weeks at how we “try and FIT” God into our lives. Like we are doing him a big favor. Like this week I’m going to really step it up and go to Sunday school. Ya that’s it and when it get warmer I’ll go to wed night and some Sunday nights. Yet, when it comes to other things in our lives that really have much less importance we will spend hours and hours planning, checking and invest money and time in without any real effort. Ya sure I’m a pastor so it would be hoped I’d serve the Lord in my church and go to services and extra activities. It would be expected I’d honor Him with my tithes and offerings. Some want to look at worshiping and serving Him as somehow we have done something so special that He should be really impressed. He DESERVES our praise, honor and worship! Ask yourself how much time do you put into “other things”? How much time do you really honor worship serve praise give glory to our GOD for all the “good He has done”?