Where’s Your Heart?

In News by Steve Roe

Mt 6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

As we hit this time of year you can see where many people’s hearts are.

Some may feel this blog is just because I’m a pastor. Let me say I have since I

completely surrendered my LIFE to serve the Lord – It has been for Him I focused

on building “my treasures”. I have been consumed with His will and doing

everything I can to move His Will forward. I went to every service we had at First

Baptist and invested my time, talent and resources into His work. Carrie and I

were deeply involved in the Youth Group and several of the youth still to this day

call to get counsel and advice. It was in that period of time the Lord spoke to me

about preaching His Word then He took me on a journey that now is going into

nearly 20 years of serving HIM. I watch as I see people who build their treasures

in so many things of this world only to find emptiness. Are there times when I feel

overwhelmed and wonder if “its” all worth the investment? Yes ..but then the

Lord moves in such a way that it only shows me that His treasures have eternal

values! I really think we need to look at what we allow our Hearts to be focused

on. Is there room for fishing and hunting? Yes. But it can’t consume my heart so

strongly that I lose my passion for serving Him. Again – not because I’m a pastor-

but because I love HIM and truly want my treasures to be His.